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Warning. Warning. Warning

Bauxite Resource Limited (BRL) are back in the game.

After BRL selling their previous interests in both the Felictas and Fortuna resources earlier in the year to Yankuang, on the 10th of August 2016, BRL were granted a new Exploration Tenement E70/3537, which takes in the old Boral quarry and part of the disused road that services it. The road runs from Morangup Rd to the quarry passing the Yankuang weather station on the way.

The tenement crosses the Avon River and heads toward Julimar Rd, but not before heading west, in what is discribed as a rail corridor, that follows the rail line toward Quarry Rd deep into the Avon Valley National Park (AVNP).

If and when Yankuang are able to get a mine approved, this new tenement will play a vital role in providing access to the now dilapidated (Old Boral )rail siding, which would be upgraded to accommodate a load out facility right next door to the Avon river and surrounded by the AVNP.

The rail corridor in this new tenement, links the Felicitas and Fortuna resources to vital infrastructure, which now sits on mining tenements that the proponents (BRL) will probably try to sell to Yankuang, or may try to ride off their back, if and when Yankuang are able to get a mine up and running.
BRL's share price on Hot Copper jumped a few cents since the tenement was granted, but nothing has appeared on their website.

We can no longer sleep on this issue, we must band together in opposition of these proposals, or one day we will wake up next door to a mine site and all of the negative impacts associated with it.

We have State elections in March next year, so lets make this an election issue.


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