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Breaking News on Yankuang Facebook Page

Chinese owned Yankuang Bauxite Resources (YBR) breaks silence on proposed mines.

After a year of being in an information vacuum created by the termination of BAJV and exactly one day after it was mentioned in an article in the Toodyay Herald that no new information had been released, Yankuang updated their contact details on the Yankuang Facebook page. This led to a couple of questions being asked on their page with the one below being the most relevent to us:

Question: Do you have any idea when the mining will start again?

Yankuang's answer:

The project is basically on hold until the bauxite price recovers; then a period of 2 to 3 years will be required for environmental and mining approvals to be granted, so mining will not begin for at least three years and probably longer.

The departure of BAJV and BRL from the local landscape had many believing that they had gone for good and that mining around the Mauravillo Estate, Morangup and Woorolloo was nothing more than an exaggerated rumor.

However the recent release of the Wundowie Community Plan (see this post) and more importantly Local Recources Item 3.3. within that plan, has now been followed by a Yankuang Facebook post which leaves no doubt at all, that a full blown mining onslaught will come from the Chinese Government as soon as commodity prices improve.


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