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One Billion Tonnes of Bauxite

One billion tonnes of bauxite stripped out of our Darling Range over the past 63 years.

It was reported in the Mandurah Mail on the 5th of February 2016 that Alcoa were celebrating a huge milestone of mining "One Billion Tonnes" of bauxite in Western Australia since the company began mining in 1953. This story is now over 15 months old which means you can probably add another 40 million tonnes or more to that tally. 

While this may have been great news for Alcoa's bottom line and for those who rely on mining for a living, it has had a devastating effect on our Jarrah forests along the Darling Range.

With advancement in mining equipment and ongoing demand for bauxite, production rates have increased dramatically over the past 60 years, so you can guarantee the next billion tonnes will not take anywhere near as long.

The article goes on to mention Alcoa's internationally recognized land rehabilitation program. This is supposed to negate concern for our Jarrah forests and canopy floor species, with the planting of small seedlings to replace mature trees, but the Google Earth time lapse maps provided by David Osborne in our last 2 post merely shows a Darling Range that is under enormous stress.

We have often said that if a large corporation begins bauxite strip mining here in Morangup, Wundowie and Wooroloo, then they would remain in the area long after the estimated 25 years and the initial 275,000,000 tonnes that has been spruked by Yankuang, as the Darling Range is full of bauxite just in varying grades.

What would our area look like in 60 years if Yankuang ever get approval to mine here???


Article in the Mandurah Mail


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