FAQ #2 What is the point?

It seems to me that the mine will go ahead regardless of what we do. What is the point in getting up in arms about it?

Yes there are a number of community members that have that view, but there is a saying that you have probably heard many times before, and that is: “Bad things happen when good people do nothing”


To sit back and watch a mining company steam roll over our community, if our community did not even try to stop it, that would jeopardise the future of the next generation of rural opportunity in this district and be morally incomprehensible. 

Yes we may put up a good fight and yes we may lose, but what if the power of the people were to win, or at very least cause enough pain to the miner that the scale of their operation is significantly reduced, due to bigger buffer zones around private properties and waterways, and more expensive quieter conveyors and machinery? Is it not worth it just to do that?


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