FAQ #6 Meet with miner?

The miner has sent Survey Sheets to everyone in Morangup and on the sheet they asked if we would like to meet with them in person. I do not wish to meet with them. What should we do?


It is common practice for miners to try to divide and conquer communities. They do this by trying to speak with as many residents as they can, with the offer of one-on-one sessions, or by meeting with groups within the community, or setting up Community Consultative Committees, or by email, local newspaper articles, Community Notice Boards, etc.

We would recommend that you tell the miner that they can address you with everyone else at a community meeting and therefore they must consult openly and honestly in a public forum. Otherwise they will tailor (special spin) a story for every individual. If you wish to meet with them by yourselves, that is of course your right, but remember: You are not alone and together we will be heard.


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