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Shire of Toodyay Economic Development Plan

As you may know, the Shire of Toodyay has published a Draft Economical Development Plan.

The 12th August is the deadline to send your comments to the Shire regarding the Bauxite mining issue. AHMAG urges you to add your details ie: your name, address and email address to bottom of the letter found HERE and forward it on to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
If we do not voice our concerns, the Shire may think we agree, or are indifferent to their plan.

*Bauxite Mining May Be On Your Door Step Soon*

Dear Community member,

You may have already heard about a future proposal from a company called Bauxite Alumina Joint Ventures (BAJV) and or Bauxite Resources Limited (BRL) to open cut mine for bauxite in your area.

Thanks to a small article on the front page of the Toodyay Herald in July, we have become aware that exploration has been going on for a number of years in Morangup, Wundowie, Baker’s Hill, Clackline and across the entire Avon Valley. Tenements for exploration have also been granted over hills properties in Wooroloo, Gidgegannup, Chidlow and other locations in surrounding areas.

Sometime in the future, if and when a mining licence were to be granted by The Department for Mines and Petroleum, ore would be mined (extracted), crushed and transported on conveyor, or by road to a rail head located on the Avon rail route, where it will be initially sent to Port and shipped overseas, that is until such time as BAJV and or BRL are able to establish a working Aluminium Refinery somewhere in the area.

Until the July issue of the Toodyay Herald “which stated that enough bauxite had been found locally to supply a 1.25 million tonne refinery for 40 – 50 years”, there had been very little to no consultation with the community.

  • Some community members have raised concerns about:
  • Water supplies
  • Dust clouds
  • Traffic safety
  • Potential impacts on local farms and businesses
  • Our unique plants and animals
  • Effects on local tourism and events
  • The very real possibility that property prices may fall as a result of intense mining activities.

Concerned residents in Morangup will put these and other questions to the appropriate authorities, and to make our concerns public. All members of the group are volunteers and are donating their time and expertise for the benefit of your community as well as their own.

We urge likeminded people to become part of our committee, or merely assist us in advisory roles and would welcome input from Lawyers, environmental professionals, government agency employees (who may have mining knowledge or backgrounds), or anyone who just feels they may have something to offer.

The road ahead will be long and arduous and we will need your support. All of our communities will need to unite to preserve our clean country air, our beautiful night skies, our way of life and our property values.

As you are no doubt aware, groups such as ours work tirelessly to preserve their local communities and are largely funded by donations from the communities that they serve.

Help us Help You!

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