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Buying Property - Established or Vacant Land

"Don't gamble with your life savings and Insist on a Property Interest Report (PIR)"

Tell your Real Estate Agent / Developer that you want a property Interest Report. If your Agent or Developer is reluctant to supply you with one, then contact Landgate and do one yourself.

Why do you need one?

A property Interest Report will provide you with important information that may contain material facts that could impact on the property and COULD SAVE YOU TENS OR HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS.

What sort of interests are stated in the report?

Mining Tenements / titles
Basic raw material zones (Quarries)
Bush forever areas
Contaminated sites
Road widening
100 year flood plain areas
Ground Water Salinity
Mosquito - borne disease risk
Water corporation infrastructure
Western power infrastructure
Acid sulphate soils, just to mention a few

There are 85 known interests in Western Australia, most of which are created by Government legislation, policies and guidelines. Landgate’s Property Interest Report currently holds details for 68 of these interests and can tell you which of these will apply to the property you are looking to purchase.

The information about different types of interests will vary considerably, depending on the location of the property.

Don't leave anything to chance, people have already bought property in the Morangup area who were not told about the proposed Felicitas (BAJV) or the Fortuna (BRL) mines.

One young couple will look directly onto a mine site and a hill that is only a few hundred meters away. It is covered in huge trees, forms part of the proposed Felicitas mine and is earmarked for destruction.

This young family stand to lose a considerable amount of value on their property, not to mention the effects that mining WILL have on their lifestyle if and when mining gets the green light.

Imagine owning a home where you live across the road, or close to a full blown mining operation, that runs 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Dust, contaminated rain water, 24/7 noise, light pollution, the list just goes on and on.

Information is "KING". Do your homework and don't get caught out.


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