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Mundaring Shire Covered In Mining Tenements

According to the Environmental Advisory Committee that reports to the Mundaring Shire, Bauxite alumina joint ventures (BAJV) met with the Shire in 2013 and have recognized the Shire as a key stake holder in their plans to mine bauxite in the Felicitas resource.

Did you know that most of the shire of Mundaring is covered in MINING tenements either for Bauxite or Gold?.

With this in mind and given one of the AHMAG committee members lives in Darlington, we recently held a community meeting in the Darlington Hall.

We are happy to announce that AHMAG were met by some extremely enthusiastic residents totally opposed to mining in the Perth Hills and they have vowed their support

The crowd were asked to give a show of hands as to who was opposed to mining in the Perth Hills and Avon Valley and a picture paints a thousand words.

AHMAG are continuing to create awareness and opposition to the BAJV / BRL plans to mine here and are growing ever stronger, soon

"We Will Be Impossible To Ignore"

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