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STOP the laws that will make protest illegal in WA

While the nation is focused on Canberra, shocking new laws to criminalize peaceful protest are being debated in our State Parliament right now.

Take powerful action today to protect our rights and our democracy here in WA.

Australians have a long and proud history of peaceful demonstration and protest which has been instrumental in securing many of the protections and rights we now take for granted.

The protection of the places we love, from our ancient forests in the South West to Ningaloo Reef and James Price Point in the North. And the right to vote, to a fair wage and to a fair price for farm produce.

None of these things would have been achieved without citizens engaging in peaceful protest.

But that’s all about to change with the Barnett Government’s Criminal Code Amendment (Prevention of Lawful Activity) Bill which is being debated right now in our State Parliament.

If passed, this legislation would not only criminalize peaceful protest, but would remove the presumption of innocence for citizens engaging in peaceful protest activities.

Send a powerful message to your local Member of Parliament asking them to vote against these bad laws in Parliament.
If passed, the Prevention of Lawful Activity Bill would make it a criminal act for a farmer to lock the gate against gas fracking, for a Traditional Owner to defend Aboriginal heritage, or for a conservationist to protest the destruction of our natural environment.

This is legislation that you would expect in a totalitarian state, not a democracy.

Citizens exercising their rights to peaceful protest should never be presumed to have criminal intent in any democratic society.
Right now Governments across Australia are attempting to silence community groups and shut down dissenting voices.

We won’t stand for it at CCWA, but at this critical time your voice is needed to defend the voices of many.

If you want to learn more about the issues with these laws and find out how you can take further action, come along to:
Protest Law Briefing
Monday 21 September from 5.30-7pm
City West Lotteries House
Speakers from UnionsWA, Community Legal Centres and the Uniting Church. RSVP now.

For the environment,
Piers Verstegen and the team at CCWA

P.S. Whether you have ever been personally involved in protest action or not, the right to protest and the presumption of innocence are critical elements in our democracy that we cannot afford to lose.

Please take a moment to contact your local MP asking them to reject these laws or RSVP to our Protest Law Briefing on Monday.

This issue is too important to Ignore as you never know when YOU could be affected by a proposed Rubbish Tip, Open cut bauxite mine, Fracking or any other unacceptable proposal. Image if your right to protest was taken away.

Click the link below to find out how:

Please note, if you live in the Toodyay Shire the post code for your local member is 6566 and for your email to go through you must make changes to personalize your message.


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