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Local Jobs or Locals Snubbed

On the 25th of August, WA unions rallied outside State Parliament over the Chinese free trade deal.
TRAFFIC outside the West Australian parliament was brought to a standstill as unions held a rally against the free trade deal with China, saying it will be bad for local jobs and exploit foreign workers.

Unions including the CFMEU, Unions WA and Electrical Trades Union were joined by Perth MP Alannah MacTiernan at Solidarity Park opposite the WA parliament for a midday protest on Tuesday.

The CFMEU says Chinese companies will be able to bring in an entire overseas workforce for projects worth more than $150 million in which they have a minimum 15 per cent stake, while Ms MacTiernan says there’ll be no market testing to see if sufficient local labour is available.

This may or may not be the case when and if BAJV get approvals to mine in the Shires of Toodyay, Mundaring and Northam, but given a Chinese company only has to hold a 15% stake to bring in workers and BAJV hold 70%, "Things do not look good"

Locals who currently support BAJV because of the promise of jobs may end up being snubbed. It may well be time to reevaluate whether Toodyay's good name is worth the compromise for a foreign workforce, who will put nothing back into the Toodyay economy. While Toodyay becomes known as the mining mecca of the Avon Valley.


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