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Toodyay Council Could Learn From This Story

After supporting mining at Red bank in Queensland since 1843 the Ipswich council now believe MINING is no longer appropriate.

They are not trying to close existing mines, but no longer support new mines or the expansion of existing ones and believe any new mines would be totally inappropriate there.

Click on the link below and read the full story

The Toodyay Council need to show some real leadership and support the 900 residents in Morangup who will be most affected by the proposals to open cut mine bauxite for a minimum of 25 years.

We all know that mining here would be totally inappropriate and council need to wake up, come to their senses and support our community against the proposals to mine HERE.

Don't let council sell OUR soles for the promise of a Rec Centre and a Swimming pool from the Chinese.  

Council Elections:

Remember there are council elections just around the corner in October 2015, so if you live in the shires of Toodyay, Mundaring or Northam and you want YOUR council to oppose plans to mine HERE, make sure you know where the candidates sit on the mining issue before you vote for them. If they give you the, "I’m remaining neutral line", then vote for someone who is not afraid to stand up to and be counted. If you can’t find someone in your ward who believes that mining should not happen here, then consider running yourself, or try to convince someone you know to run.

Local Councils Can Have a Say, but we need to make sure they do.


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