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State Election March 2017

Opal Vale Tip Gets Approval at the 11th Hour

Who would have ever thought that a proposal to dump Perth’s rubbish in an old clay pit on Salt valley Rd on the Perth side of Toodyay would ever be approved, but that is exactly what happened on Thursday the 27th of August 2015.

Opal Vale was always a disgusting proposal which has ended with a very disappointing outcome not only because of the potential threat to the environment and neighbouring properties, but for the many locals who travel Toodyay Road to and from work every day and will now have to contend with another 300 truck movements a day on one of the worst roads in WA.

The battle for Opal Vale is lost, but mining is still our biggest threat. The environmental issues of Opal Vale remain, but the foot print of the site is relatively small compared to proposals by BAJV / BRL, which will creep across the country side like a cancer destroying everything in its path for a minimum of 25 years and may well bring a refinery with it, somewhere in our region.

The war continues so let’s lick our wounds, pick ourselves up and learn from what has happened, we need to lobby our politicians, we need to march on Parliament House. How many of us will be prepared to attend rallies to make our politicians and council sit up, listen and take notice, because that is what is needed.

People power and numbers is the only thing that will make our pollies listen. Communities have fought and won in other parts of WA and Australia and we can win HERE, because it is both socially and environmentally irresponsible to propose mining alongside 900 residents.

We must not give BAJV / BRL a social license to operate here, that means boycotting the BAJV / BRL bauxite mining community advisory group (BMCAG) and everything it stands for.
There is a State Election Looming in March 2017 and now is the time for our community to come together and fight like hell against the proposals to mine alongside our properties in Morangup, the new Mauravillo Estate and the affected residents in Wundowie, Wooroloo and beyond.

Given approvals are granted by the State Government we need to unite as a community to fight against mining HERE, where we all collect our own rain water and draw water from shallow bores.

Very few people in our community want 24/7 mining with dust, noise, light pollution, loss of amenity, property value losses and the environmental and social issues it will bring.

“Together We Will Be Impossible To Ignore”


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