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Reality Check … Reality Check … Reality Check …

“Community Members Should Boycott the BMCAG”

The Bauxite mining community advisory group (BMCAG) is set up to aid BAJV / BRL to eliminate community concerns and to speed up the process in regard to their EPA / DER referrals.

Members need to remember the following points:

Members were chosen by BAJV / BRL to help calm the community in order for the proponents to tick the EPA / DER boxes as part of the approval process.

Members are being asked to give feedback and personal input into the design and operation of the mine to assist them, NOT us.

Members may all have the very best of intensions in mind, but by working with BAJV / BRL in any form they are accepting a mine with conditions on behalf of the whole community and they have NO right to do so, as most of the community does not won’t a mine HERE under any circumstances.

Members will never be told any information that will harm BAJV / BRL in anyway, as the meetings are run by BAJV / BRL and chaired by their paid employee.

Members do not represent the majority of the community, as members were chosen by BAJV / BRL and therefore the BMCAG is not recognized by the majority of the community.

Members are now playing a much bigger role in the BAJV / BRL propaganda machine as they have allowed you to choose the new BMCAG members from Morangup and now it appears that the group is in control, BUT THEY ARE NOT, members are merely being used as puppets by the proponents.

This is a Quote from Bill Moss GM of BAJV.

With both companies working together the synergies generated would improve outcomes for the companies and the community. The BMCAG will help reduce any confusion and help facilitate better feedback into the design and operations of both projects.

Members are merely being used as puppets and BAJV and BRL are the puppet masters.

"We Need To Work Against The Proponents, Not With Them"


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