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Response To a Recent Post on the BAJV FB page

Local Jobs or Locals Snubbed

Firstly the term “locals” is being used quite loosely, as most people who live in the Toodyay shire would class themselves as locals, while people who live in another shire would not be viewed as being locals to Toodyay.

Some "local" Toodyay Shire Residents will be hoping to score a job if a mine ever eventuates, but they will have to compete with “locals” from other areas such as Wundowie, Gidgegannup, Northam, Wooroloo, Bakers Hill, Chittering, Parkerville, Mundaring and surrounds.

That’s without the DIDO jobs from the city.

BAJV state that there are no current skills shortage and that the majority of jobs will be filled by “locals”. Locals to where exactly? How many jobs will be given to Toodyay locals?

It is noted that the BAJV Facebook campaign has been very successful attracting interest from many unemployed mine workers from everywhere who are all “locals” to where they live, even if it is on the East coast of Australia. This has taken Facebook likes from 129 to 1,312 in just a few months.

How many of the people who have liked BAJV’s page in the hope of a job will get employment if and when a mine ever gets approved? How many Jobs are on offer again?

Then there are the 457 Visas. BAJV state that in the current labour market we don’t see any benefit in 457 Visas, but falls short of saying they will not use them. Infact the statement goes onto say that there could be some technical or management exchange with Yankuang.

So it could be said that the 457 door is already open.

The FTA is very open to interpretation and the link below will place even more balance on it.

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