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IMPORTANT.....Information From AHMAG...

Council Elections Are Here !!!

Vote on Saturday the 17th of OCTOBER 2015

Did you know that most rate payers do not vote in Local Government Elections and candidates often get in unopposed?


Do you live in or near Morangup (Toodyay Shire), Wooroloo (Mundaring Shire) or Wundowie (Northam Shire)???

What do your current councilors and new candidates think about open cut bauxite and other forms of invasive mining???

Do they Oppose mining???

Do they Support mining???

Do they have a neutral stance on mining???

Local Councils can have a say, but we need to make sure they do!.

Generally councils party line, so to speak, is to have a neutral stance on mining, as mines are approved and regulated at a State and Federal Government level and not a local one. However under clause 120 of the mining act, your council has the opportunity to speak out on behalf of their constituents. They can say whether or not mining is a suitable use in a proposed location. What will your council do?

ASK your current Councilors for a YES or NO view on mining!

ASK your new candidates for a YES or NO view on mining!

WE must have councilors who are not afraid to stand up to be counted, as a NEUTRAL view point on mining is as good as a YES.

If your councilors do not have the gumption to speak out about important issues, then within a short space of time your shire, the Perth Hills and the Avon Valley will be destroyed by mining forever.

Only you can make changes in your council. So put all of your candidates under a Magnifying Glass and ASK them the hard questions. Insist on a straight YES or NO answer on bauxite mining and any other issues you may have.

Only then will you get to the TRUTH about what decisions will be made on your behalf behind closed doors.

Please remember to VOTE on Saturday the 17th of October 2015.


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