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Vote in the Council Elections

“Council Requires Good Governance”

October 17th 2015 will see candidates from different wards within all shires throughout WA facing their constituents with the hope of becoming a councillor.
Some councillors will be up for re – election while some new faces will challenge in the hope they can help mold the Shire into what they feel will be better for the communities in which they will serve.

The 2015 Toodyay Elections will see a total of 12 candidates vying for 5 seats. One seat in each of the Central, North and East Wards, while the West Ward because it is a bigger area will be contesting two seats.

The candidates that we believe will represent the Toodyay shire with integrity, vision and in an open, honest, and transparent manner are as follows:

Andrew McCann – Up for re - election

Rosemary Madacsi – Up for re - election

Chris Firns – Up for re - election

Danielle Wrench - New Candidate
Sally Craddock – Up for re - election

All candidates are worthy of the challenges that we all face within our communities and have pledged to view all proposed developments within the Toodyay Shire with open minds on  social, environmental, tourism and long term merits and issues of each and every proposal that comes before them as a councillor.

We wish all of the candidates well with their campaigns.



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