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Wundowie Community Plan (Bauxite mining)

The Shire of Northam has released the Wundowie Community Plan (WCP) which is intended as a guide for the future planning and growth of the hamlet from 2016 to 2026.

It was interesting to read the document but the sections that stood out to us were item 2.3 THE ECONOMY and sub - section 2.3.1 Agriculture, where it is recognized in the plan that Agriculture has been a major industry sector for the shire which has been declining in recent decades and under increasing threat from climate change, global conversion of food crops to fuel crops and the INCREASING DEMAND FOR RURAL LIVING LOTS.

With other threats from increasing soil salinity, surface and sub – surface soils acidification, erosion, water logging and soil compaction.

Item 3. DRIVERS OF GROWTH and subsection 3.3 Natural Recourses, talks about a SUBSTANTIAL BAUXITE RESOURCE that has been identified to the north of Wundowie with development currently deferred due to soft commodity prices.

It is confusing that the shire identifies a decline in Agriculture and a demand for rural living lots, yet approves the Mauravillo Estate subdivision on a magnificent farm smack bang in the middle of the very resource that they have identified in item 3.3 of the WCP.

Strip mining on productive farmland in good reliable rain fall areas such as those in and around Wundowie and surrounding areas should not be allowed as the farmland will not recover. The land should remain as farmland and be protected at all costs as going forward food production will be the biggest resource on the planet.

Those who have bought in the Mauravillo Estate now own property in arguably one of the best subdivisions that has come onto the market in recent years, but if the WCP is correct, when commodity prices improve Yankuang bauxite resources WILL want to move in next door.

Click here full version of the Wundowie Community Plan (PDF 2.3 MB).


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