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Candidates give view on mining

LAST October AHMAG asked the nine candidates standing for election for their views on open-cut mining within a 100km radius of Perth.

This month, three candidates are running in the by election on Friday July 31 and we asked them for their views on both open-cut mining and whether exploration/mining should be allowed in State forests and reserves.

While the State government decides if mining will be permitted, the local shire council can contribute its views on whether mining should be allowed in State forests such as in Julimar.

Candidate April Ashley “opposes fracking and whatever (forms of mining) may cause water problems which could affect society in general and especially farmers and their crops”.

“As regards open-cut mining which leaves a great scar on the landscape, I oppose it when it affects a community’s health, lifestyle and heritage sites.

“I don’t believe it is necessary to obliterate forestland which houses a diverse variety of flora and fauna for the sake of financial gain for local and international companies.”

Keith Boase lived in Kalgoorlie for 16 years and has first-hand experience of living in a region impacted by mining.

“It’s highly destructive and we need to look at what we want for future generations.

“I am an environmentalist and am against mining in high-quality farming areas.

“Tourism and farming need to be sustained in Toodyay and we shouldn’t trade this for short-term gain.”

Mick McKeown says he “is not in favour of mining in national parks and nature reserves and is also not in favour of the proposed strip-mining in the Morangup area”.

“If large-scale mining is proposed in the shire, my preferences is that the Toodyay Shire Council should provide the lead by taking positive steps to negotiate with the proponents to achieve binding agreements that provide social and economic benefits to the community of Toodyay.”

AHMAG urges all electors to vote and to carefully consider which candidate will ensure that our pristine environment stays protected.

April Ashley
April Ashley
Keith Boase
Keith Boase
Mick McKeown
Mick McKeown



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