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How to mine info on exploration

 LANDTRACKER Maps covers all applications for new mining tenements in Australian states and territories.

The site is updated daily and can be accessed on PCs, tablets and smart phones and best of all, it’s free.

You can set up an area to monitor and each week an email message will advise what new applications have been made or will report that there were “no new rows”, meaning no new tenement applications were made in your area.

Satellite images are available but to see who has applied, use the standard map which shows the tenements marked in blue and green.

The blue ‘blocks’ are awaiting approval and are listed as ‘pending’; green means exploration approval has been granted and that the tenement is ‘live’ until its expiry date.

To view the information on the applicant you need to turn on the ‘tenement label tag’ in the task bar.

AHMAG’s latest notification of a new application by Chalice Mining in its monitoring area was on May 26 when the company registered E70/5799 south of the Bindoon-Dewars Pool Road.

At the start of June, Chalice reported in an ASX announcement that it has applied to explore 8000km2 in the shires of Toodyay, Chittering, Victoria Plains and Swan (see map).

Chalice currently holds 180km2 of active exploration tenements in the western part of Toodyay Shire from Keating Road to Dewars Pool.

Donations are always welcome to support our group’s efforts to keep you informed about local mining proposals. These can be made at Toodyay and Districts Bendigo Community Bank AHMAG account BSB 633-000 account number 152776654.

Better still, become a member. It’s cheaper than chips at $10 a year.

(Image courtesy of Chalice Mining Limited)

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