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Call for Chalice to earn its ‘social licence’

AHMAG’s aim is to represent the communities in the shires of Chittering, Victoria Plains, Toodyay and north Swan in relation to the impacts of exploration and mining proposals.

Large-scale mining is not an activity consistent with the rural lifestyle chosen by people living in communities established throughout the shires over the past 150-plus years but especially in areas such as Bullsbrook, Chittering Valley, Bindoon/Mooliabeenee, Morangup, Toodyay and Gidgegannup which are largely on the fringe of urban areas.

These shires are again being targeted by exploration and mining companies seeking to create a new mining province less than 100km from Perth.  The foremost of these is the Julimar Nickel Project proposed by Chalice Mining Ltd however other mining companies have quickly followed covering the shires with tenement applications.

While some residents in the shires are not fundamentally opposed to mining, it does depend on what kind of mine is proposed as the impact on the amenity of residents and communities will be directly proportionate to the scale of any project and style of mining.

A large open-cut mine is likely to have a very significant detrimental impact on the local environment and a similarly large impact on local amenity.  It is possible a small underground mine might be constructed and operated in a manner acceptable to local communities but this would depend on the detail of the design and commitment of the mine developer to addressing community concerns in relation to issues such as water (potentially 2-3 million tonnes per year), waste disposal, transport, noise, dust and visual amenity, as well as impacts on food production, biodiversity, environmental and agri-tourism.

Exploring and mining in the Julimar Forest, Avon Valley National Park and other smaller nature reserves as proposed by Chalice is an issue of significance to the wider WA community.

The public should be consulted as there is no scenario for mining in these areas without causing significant detrimental impact on their exclusive conservation values and recreational tourism in the shires of Chittering, Toodyay and Swan.

Chalice must earn the ‘social licence’ to mine in our communities.

Concerned residents are urged to attend AHMAG’s AGM at 2pm on Saturday November 13 at the Ethel Warren Community Centre, 3 Maroubra Avenue Bullsbrook.

Membership forms ($10 per person) can be downloaded from our website and you can keep in touch at facebook.avon/hills or write to PO Box 111 Gidgegannup WA 6083.

A huge thanks to those who have donated funds to our account at Toodyay and Districts Bendigo Community Bank BSB 633-000, account number 152776654.

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