Every Green Tree

Civilization needs all types of mining to feed iron ore to the smelters & steel mills and bauxite to refineries, along with many other minerals to different smelters around the world, for what is seemingly a never ending thirst for resources.

At what point will we say enough is enough, you cannot mine our farmland or our hills and we will not let you destroy our fragile environment, as it is socially and environmentally irresponsible to strip-mine bauxite in the Perth Hills and the Avon Valley along the Darling Scarp.

For every green tree is far more glorious than if it were made of gold, silver or "Aluminium", so mine elsewhere because bauxite is not a rare resource.

BAJV Employ PR Company and Buy Face Book Likes

BAJV created their FB page in April 2011 and when AHMAG created their own FB page in July 2014, BAJV had a total of 34 likes.

AHMAG must be doing something right as after BAJV struggling to get to 130 likes in 4 years where their likes totalled 129 on Friday the 10th of April 2015, BAJV now have 212 likes. It is not hard to work out that 83 new likes in 2 days has not happened on its own.

All we can say is that the "Home Crowd" must have them a little worried to say the least.

If you have not yet liked our page, please do so now. Get your family and friends to do the same and lets show BAJV that a PR company is not needed if what you stand for and believe in is "Right" in what really is a David and Goliath battle.
Over 1,500 signatures on parliamentary petitions and 648 FB likes shows a very strong message to the proponents BAJV / BRL that we are being heard and we will not be silent.

AHMAG Facebook page..


What Will The Avon Valley Look Like In 3 - 10 - 20 Years???

As the Avon and Hills Mining Awareness Group we will always report on exploration and mining proposals in the Perth Hills and Avon Valley, as information becomes known to us.

We have just discovered that not only do we have the threat of Bauxite Alumina Joint Ventures (BAJV) and Bauxite Resource Limited (BRL) proposing a 62 km2 bauxite mine area in the shire of Mundaring, Toodyay and Northam, but there is a new threat of Magnetite Iron Ore close to Toodyay and Northam, which is once again relatively close to rail:

  • Mt Joy: tenement number E70/4692
  • Ragged Rock: tenement number E70/4243
  • Kauring: tenement number E70/4508
  • Kauring: tenement number E70/4528

We suggest that you all click on the following links and read the March 2015 announcement by Magnetic Resources and the previous announcement from 2014. Both links show location maps.

Here are links to:

The Avon Valley and Perth Hills are under tremendous threat from future mining, but let’s stop the most advanced MINING proposals by BAJV and BRL to open-cut strip-mine bauxite in the Hills and Avon Valley on productive FARMLAND before it is too late, or the landscape may well look like the pictures bellow.

Stay Informed and follow our page.


You Can’t Eat Bauxite, Alumina or Aluminium

When Will State and Federal Governments protect productive agricultural land in good rain fall areas? If the 62 km2 BAJV / BRL open cut bauxite mining proposal in the Mundaring, Toodyay and Northam Shires gets off the ground, then it will  destroy an initial 44 km2 of productive farmland. That is until further exploration drilling identifies more bauxite deposits in the area, then that number will balloon out and so will the further destruction to the environment.

Farmland will never recover once the bauxite is removed all the way down to the clay bed, as the bauxite is like the earths sponge which holds subsoil moisture. Once that is taken away and shipped off to China, how can the land ever recover from that ???

It is well documented that with the Earth's ever growing population, Food Production will be the biggest resource on the planet, and productive agricultural land SHOULD be protected at all costs!!!

Remember, you can’t eat bauxite, alumina or aluminium.

Enough is Enough, HELP US PROTECT Agricultural land HERE!!!.



Cartoon - April 2015

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Happy Easter

We would like to wish everyone a 

"Safe Happy and Bauxite Free Easter"



AHMAG Get More Signatures in Mundaring

We would like to thank the Mundaring Community for stopping by today to sign petitions against bauxite mining in the Shires of Mundaring, Toodyay and Northam.

We would also like to thank everyone who donated today and those of you who have direct deposited donations into our Bankwest Account:
BSB: 306-028 / Account No: 0402105.

Or send a cheque to: The Avon and Hills Mining Awareness Group Inc,
PO Box 111,  Gidgegannup WA 6083.

If you are like most people and don't have the time or energy to HELP, then your financial support by way of donations will enable us to continue the fight on your behalf in this David and Goliath Battle.

Please keep the donations coming, as we will need every cent and we will never stop fighting.


When the Bush came to Town / Q&A / ABC

Click on the Link

This programme was on Q&A / ABC. Not the same mining proposal as the bauxite one here in Morangup (Toodyay Shire), Wundowie (Northam Shire) and Wooroloo (Mundaring Shire), but the same issues: water, destruction of farmland and the environment. 

This is a must view segment.



500 Acres of Bush Earmarked For Destruction

It has long been mentioned by BAJV / BRL that they will not be mining the Avon Valley National park or Nature Reserves in the area and they proudly boast that 70% of the mine area is cleared farmland.

Given the combined Fortuna and Felicitas Resouce mine area at this stage is around 62 km2, and 70% of that or some 44 km2 is farmland, that means the other 30% or 18.6 km2 is remnant vegetation and bush.

At the end of Jingaling Brook Rd in Morangup there is a 500 acre bush block which is part of the remaining 30% and earmarked for destruction should a mine go ahead.

Below is a picture taken last week on March the 11th 2015 which shows the BAJV drill rig pushing its way through the vegetation doing exploration on that block.

If you are as outraged as we are, then make it known. 

You can help by signing our petitions against bauxite mining in the Perth Hills and Avon Valley and liking us on Facebook.

"Together we will be heard"


Attempted Theft

This will give a few of you a good laugh, but I dare say it will horrify most people. Yesterday around 2pm a couple of blokes in a blue dual cab ute cut an entire section of my fence on the corner of Jingaling Brook and Toodyay Road and tried to steal the No Bauxite trailer, still laughing!!! There were 70 sheep in the paddock within 80 meters of the opening that was made and if it had not been for the quick thinking of 2 great Main Roads workers passing by, the trailer would have been stolen (ha ha) and 70 sheep could have run out onto Toodyay Road which may well have caused a fatality. Is this what proposed mining is doing to our community???

Brian Dale


AHMAG Army Update

Our hard working army members have been busy spreading the word and obtaining signatures on Parliamentary Petitions against bauxite mining in the Toodyay Shire, Perth Hills and Avon Valley

If you would like to sign a petition or join the insurgence to save our Hills, the Avon Valley, your way of life, your property values and the Environment from the affects of open cut strip mining, which will inevitably destroy some 62 km2, of farmland and bush from Wooroloo to the Avon River near Cobblers Pool, then simply send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will get back to you.

We will never give up the fight, but we do need your HELP!!!



Mining Diagram

BAJV / BRL proudly boast that 70% of their 62 km2 mining operation will be on previously cleared farm land and show an eight step mining process in their diagram below.

Just for a moment focus on the before and after examples in the middle of the diagram, it clearly shows that when they mine, every ounce of bauxite is removed all the way down to the clay bed. 

This destroys farmland forever, as the bauxite or the earth’s sponge which would normally hold subsoil moisture throughout the dry months and years is removed. How can farm land recover from that in an area that only receives around 450mm of rain on average?

Once you remove the bauxite which is the subsoil profile that has taken millions of years to develop and then return top soil and overburden of around 80 - 100 cm back on top of the clay bed, well you don't have to be Einstein to see what will happen.


Click here to view a larger version..


Cartoon - March 2015

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Jobs in the Pipeline, or Just a Pipe Dream and Broken Promises!!!

"Mining Impact"

Mining impact is the heading on the front page of the MIDLAND Edition of the ECHO Newspaper and once again the promise of 120 Full time jobs for people living and raising their families in the REGION is mentioned, which will no doubt give hope to many Toodyay locals and businesses with the promise of jobs and service contracts.

Much of the information in this article was covered in the Mundaring edition of the ECHO, which included the statement by BAJV CEO Bill Moss regarding a REFINERY next to the proposed mine, but some new information includes the following:

City of SWAN Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mike Foley said there was a range of businesses within the city which service existing mining industries. “So there is the potential for this proposal to provide new opportunities for local businesses,” he said.

The Resource Hub recruitment centre:

Dani Tamati from the Resource Hub, made the following comment. 

This will provide a fabulous opportunity for not only local people, but also those within the PERTH METRO area as it really is on our doorstep and is a perfect opportunity for Drive-In Drive-Out (DIDO) and with the talent pool in this climate, there will be opportunities for those with experience and qualifications to apply, she said.

If and when a mine does get approval there will no doubt be some local jobs, but ask BAJV how many, as people and businesses from all over the REGION including the METRO area, will be vying for the same positions and service contracts, so the promise of any real economic benefit to Toodyay is now even more in doubt and may just end up being a pipe dream & broken promises to many.



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