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BAJV CEO Bill Moss has made a statement to the ECHO Newspaper that: 

"A formal assessment would be conducted into the feasibility of building a refinery next to the Felicitas bauxite mine."

Then states that "We don't believe there are any suitable sites for a refinery close to the mine and will conduct a formal site selection at the appropriate time".

Haven't we always been told by BAJV that they will not build a refinery in the Toodyay Shire?

This is proof that you cannot believe a word that BAJV say and if we do not all stand together and be heard against this proposed mine, it may well be the biggest regret of our lives.

Say No to Bauxite mining in the Toodyay Shire (Morangup), the Perth Hills and the Avon Valley or we may well have a disgusting polluting refinery here as well.

"The Toodyay we love will be lost forever"


Email your objections to the Yankuang Group

Mr. Zhang Xinwen, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Secretary of CPC Committee of Yankuang

Address: No.298, Fushan South Road, Zoucheng City, Shandong Province 

PC: 273500 

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Response with Facts

This is a response to a conversation that is happening on the Toodyay Community Forum (Have a chat).

Regarding the Today Tonight Segment about proposed bauxite mining in our suburb of Morangup WA, which went to air 6:30 last night the 3rd of March 2015

Hello everyone, just to give you all a few facts. 

  1. BAJV were asked by Today Tonight (TT) to be interviewed on camera, but declined and in the words of Jo Hart they chose to give a vague and an evasive quote.  
  2. AHMAG wanted to get a couple of hundred people at the shoot and for the shoot to be at around 6:30 pm on a week day or 3pm on a Sunday, as most people in our community work, but that was outside TT’s working hours and we were requested by TT to only have around 15 people or so, as they did not wish to be seen to insight a riot, so it was shot at 4:30 last Tuesday afternoon the same afternoon as the Shire meeting.  
  3. When a refinery is built a power station is generally built at the same time and that is one of the reasons that it costs $1 BILLION plus to build a refinery. 
  4. AHMAG would have never opposed an observatory or a school as projects like that, as Lee King rightly stated, bring tourist dollars along with government and private sector funding which in our opinion would be fantastic for Toodyay. 
  5. TT quoted that the proposed mine would create 120 full time local jobs, this is not correct the latest information on the new look BAJV website states 120 jobs for the region and a region covers a huge area, sure there will be some local jobs, but ask BAJV how many. 
  6. The CSIRO put out a mining document in 2012 which included a large study on Boddington with drive in drive out (DIDO) workers, no economic benefit to the town from mining, businesses that opened expecting great things from the mine have now closed etc. The document mentions good and bad affects from mining and I guess we can all choose to take the parts out of the document that we would like to believe, but if you are interested you can register your details here and I will email it to you. 

Just remember the proposed Felicitas mine is around 10 minutes from Gidgegannup and DIDO workers will not even drive through Toodyay to get to the mine. The local service station will not even sell them a pie or a newspaper as they would have already bought it at Gidgegannup on the way. 

The pic below will be what you and all our towns visitors will see when driving through Morangup on the way to Toodyay, come on, arn't we better than that???


Two New Milestones Reached

  • 501 Facebook Likes............................
  • 1,020 Parliamentary Signatures..........

AHMAG are celebrating two new milestones as we now have 501 FB likes and over 1000 parliamentary signatures. We would like to thank each and everyone of you for your support.  

Our fight has just begun, but with all of your support we will be heard!!!.

If you have not yet liked our FB page and are against bauxite mining in the Toodyay Shire, Morangup, the Perth Hills and the Avon Valley, please show your support by liking our page and ask your family and friends to do the same.

If you would like to add your name to our Parliamentary petition, please call Brian Dale on 0418 898 788 and he will let you know where the next signing day will be.

Thanks again for all of your support.


Today Tonight Segment (incl. video)

For those of you who missed the Today Tonight segment regarding our opposition to bauxite mining in Morangup, the Perth Hills and Avon Valley:

Along with a few facts and Questions to consider:

1. BAJV were asked by Today Tonight (TT) to be interviewed on camera, but declined and instead gave the following statement.

"It is far too early to comment on detail around any potential project which may emerge because it would be completely speculative."


if a TV interview would be nothing more than speculative, then:

Why have BAJV spent millions on Exploration?.

Why have BAJV set up a Shop front in Toodyay?

Why are BAJV inviting people into their shop front to discuss the Felicitas project, view maps and offering to take CVs for future employment opportunities?

Why have BAJV told the community that there will be 120 full-time jobs?

Why are BAJV setting up a Community Advisory Group (CAG)?

Why is BAJV's External Customer relations officer the secretary of the Toodyay Chamber of Commerce?

And why were BAJV afraid to face the TV cameras and tell the entire State of WA what they have been telling all of us, and that is how great the Felicitas project is going to be for our community of Morangup (Toodyay Shire), Wundowie (Northam Shire) Wooroloo (Mundaring Shire) and the entire State of WA?


Today Tonight:   

2. When it was agreed that Today Tonight (TT) would produce a segment regarding our concerns about bauxite mining here in Morangup, the Perth Hills and the Avon Valley, AHMAG requested the segmant be shot at the Morangup community hall at 6:15 pm on a week day or 3pm on a Sunday, as most people in our community work and we wanted to give everyone the opportunity to stand in front of the cameras and be counted, but that was outside TT’s working hours and we were requested by TT to only have around 15 people or so, as they did not wish to be seen to incite a riot. So the segment was shot on Tuesday the 24th of February at 4:30 pm at a private property in Jingaling Brook Rd, Morangup, the same afternoon as the Toodyay Shire meeting.  


3.TT quoted that the proposed mine would create 120 full-time local jobs, this is "NOT" correct, the latest information on the new-look BAJV website states 120 jobs for the region and a region covers a huge area, sure there will be some local jobs, but ask BAJV how many.

Bauxite Alumina Joint Ventures (BAJV) own the Felicitas Resource with Bauxite Resource Limited (BRL) who also own the Fortuna Resource.

The two proposed combined mines of BAJV and BRL, will at this stage, cover a land area of some 62km2 and run from Wooroloo to Wundowie back through the heart of Morangup and all the Way to the Avon River. 

To view maps and read more back ground information visit our website go to "In the Press" and read articles from July 2014 to February 2015.

Please like our FB page, share it with your family and friends & ask them to do the same, as we need your support !!!.

"Together We Will Be Heard"


Toodyay Is a Shining Light and a Stand-Out Town

COMMING IN AT NUMBER 10: In the top 10 Tree change / Sea change locations in Australia and

WINNER: of Tidy Towns Australia.

Founded in 1836 Toodyay has stood the test of time and is an Avon Valley Historical gem, so much so that our beautiful country town is number 10 on the top 10 Tree change / Sea change locations around the county and thanks to some very hard working locals, the winner of Tidy Towns Australia.

Why would anyone want to risk our reputation by supporting open cut bauxite mining in the Toodyay Shire. Unlike places like Kalgoorlie, that exist because of mining, we exist and excel without it.

Don't let the ambitions and greed of a few, destroy our beautiful Shire and town for the many people who live and visit here.

Lets preserve our landscape and our town and don't let it become something you no longer wont to look at or visit !!!.

"Say No To Bauxite Mining Here"


The following was Posted on: Wednesday, 4 February 2015 at 12:00:00 AM on the Toodyay Shires website.

Tens of thousands of Australians dream of seachanging or treechanging, giving up their big city lives and the stresses that go with them to move to the coast or country. It’s especially common around this time of year, when workers return to their jobs, reflect wistfully on the beach holiday they just left behind and ask: “Why can’t I live like that all year round?” At The New Daily we feel your pain. And so we set ourselves a task: we would identify 10 sea and tree change towns so that those seriously contemplating a shift from a capital city – and increasing numbers of Australians are – would have something more than a daydream to cling to.

To help us we turned to leading geographers Chris McNeill of Spade Consultants and Adam Terrill of Tract Consultants. They pored over a list of carefully chosen indicators to dig out the hidden gems tucked into the hills and along the coastline of Australia. To see them talk about how they did it, watch this video.

The New Daily List will reveal their choices of the top 10 small towns in Australia to change your life. There’s at least one town in each state – that was the only stipulation we made – so you have no excuse to not at least think about making the switch. After all, a change is as good as a holiday.

Kicking off The New Daily’s Trading Places countdown is Toodyay, a Western Australian wheatbelt town with plenty of alternative charm.

10. Toodyay

There may not be any lush green fields or vast expanses of water to admire, but Toodyay is a wheatbelt town with a host of alternative charms.

Situated 85km north-east of Perth, the town is a delightful amalgam of colonial verandahs shading old pubs and modern small business success stories, including a lolly shop; an emporium devoted to gifts, gollies and ragdolls; and Australia’s second biggest Christmas store, ‘Richard’s Christmas 360’.

To view the rest of the article, please click here..

Tidy Toodyay Takes Home Australian Tidy Towns Overall Title

AHMAG would like to congratulate the Toodyay tidy town team for helping Toodyay win the following categories to win overall:

  • Dame Phyllis Frost Litter Prevention
  • Resource Recovery
  • Environmental Protection

Is the Environmental Protection Award just for the town itself, or is it for the entire shire?

If it is for the entire shire, lets hope that the proposed mines do not go ahead or the Environmental Protection Award could never be won again, given 19 km2 of remnant vegetation and bush is earmarked for destruction if bauxite mining is allowed to occur and as we know, all the rehabilitation in the world is Not Protection, but well done Toodyay.

MEDIA RELEASE Friday 27 February 2015 Toodyay in Western Australia has tonight won the iconic Keep Australia Beautiful, Australian Tidy Towns award for 2015. The announcement was made at the national awards ceremony hosted by the 2014 overall winner,…


Wondering what to write in your submission?

Wondering what to write in your submission to Council regarding the proposed Mining Policy M.6?

Deadline Friday the 27th of Feb at 4pm.

Read this article, then read or download this submission. Your submission does not have to be as detailed, but you do need to have a say.

Be like the Carnabys Cockatoo below and Fly into action.



Deadline for submissions: Friday the 27th of February 2015 at 4pm

"Have Your Say" About The Proposed Mining Policy M.6 (Toodyay Shire)

Don’t let this Policy slip through the cracks!!!

The Toodyay Shire are calling for Public Submissions in response to their recently advertised proposed mining policy and time is running out to have your say.

Please click here to open and view the policy.

You only have until 4 pm Friday the 27th of February, so please have your say.

  • Your responses can be done by post to Shire of Toodyay PO Box 96, Toodyay WA 6566
  • In Person to Shire of Toodyay Admin Centre, 15 Fiennes St Toodyay
  • Email: to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Any submission must contain - Proposed Council Policy M.6 Engagement with mining proposals, your full name and property address to be of any effect

Don’t let this Policy slip through the cracks "HAVE YOUR SAY" 

"Click here to view a Mining Policy M.6 Submission in our Info Notes section."

Your submission does not have to be anywhere near as comprehensive to be counted.




Bauxite aluminium joint venture (BAJV) and their JV partners Bauxite Resource Limited (BRL) are proposing to mine the Felicitas and Fortuna resources that have been located in the Shires of Toodyay (Morangup), Northam (Wundowie) and Mundaring (Wooroloo) and they have been trying to convince community members from those shires to take part in a Community advisory Group.

Why would BAJV choose 2 people from Gidgegannup in the Shire of Swan to take part in such a group, when Swan is not affected by bauxite mining????

Is it because they cannot get enough support from within the affected shires???

Or is it because they have the Shire of Swan firmly in their sites in the not too distant future????

Beware bauxite mining could be in your back yard sooner than you think!!!


Avon and Hills Mining Awareness Group inc

Destruction of Natural Bush Land

It has long been mentioned by BAJV / BRL that they will not be mining the Avon Valley National Park or nature reserves in the area and they proudly boast that 70% of the mine area is cleared farm land.

Given the combined Fortuna and Felicitas Resouce mine area is around 63 km2, 70% of that is 44 km2, the other 30% or 18.9 km2 is remnant vegetation and bush.

At the end of Jingaling Brook Rd in Morangup there is a 500 acre block which is part of the 30% and the attached pictures are from within that block of land.

If you are as outraged by this as we are, then like our Facebook page share the page with your family and friends and ask them to do the same. 

You can help by signing our petitions against bauxite mining in the Perth Hills and Avon Valley.

"Together we will be heard"

URGENT… URGENT... Proposed Mining Policy (Toodyay Shire)

The Toodyay Shire is calling for public submissions in response to their recently advertised proposed mining policy.

Please click on the link below where you will be able to open and view the policy. 

You only have until 4 pm Friday the 27th of February, so please have your say.

  • Your responses can be done by post to Shire of Toodyay, PO Box 96, Toodyay WA 6566
  • In person to Shire of Toodyay, Admin Centre, 15 Fiennes St, Toodyay
  • Email: to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Any submission must contain - Proposed Council Policy M.6 Engagement with mining proposals, your full name and property address to be of any effect. 

Following is a short version of a submission that was read out to council on the 27th of January and pretty much sums up what will happen if a mining policy is adopted so you need to have a say.

Agenda Item 9.5.1 New Policy – Engagement with Mining Proposals is another attempt by the Author being the Officer Stan Scott to convince council to welcome mining into the Toodyay shire and a precursor to being part of a CAG group for the benefit of BAJV. 

The social impact assessment of resource project document that forms part of Agenda Item 9.5.1, largely relates to remote areas, indigenous communities, promotes CAG groups and in my opinion forms the view that mining will occur regardless so affected communities have to consult with the mining companies to minimise the effects mining with have in that area.

It should not be overlooked by council that we are neither remote nor indigenous and we will not be pushed around by miners or council to be part of any group that will ultimately promote mining in the Toodyay shire.

We have co-existed with extractive industries for many years and it has had little to no effect on land owners who live in close proximity to the quarries, as these operations never operate 24 hours a day 7 days a week and do not extract anywhere near the amount of ore that is proposed by BAJV / BRL with some 11,000,000 plus tonnes expected to be mined each year.

You are all aware that the proposed mines cover an area of some 62 km2 and 70% of that land is productive farmland which will never recover from the effects of open cut bauxite mining. 

Given the world’s massive population growth, it has been identified that food production will be the largest resource on the planet in the coming years and for governments, local, state and federal to ignore that and jeopardise agricultural land in good reliable rain fall areas would be outrageously irresponsible.

As you are all aware, I was personally opposed to the implementation of the recently adopted EDP, but in conclusion the documents states that the Toodyay economy has the potential to leverage its competitiveness and comparative advantages in premium food production and experimental tourism to drive business growth and the quality of life of residents and the community.

Shire of Toodyay Policy manual

On page 341 of the Toodyay Shire Policy manual, the heading is Council will do all in its power to ensure any proposed mining project that:

  • All reports and investigations and assessments are thorough and complete:
  • That benefits of any project to the local community are maximised and negatives impacts are eliminated or minimised:
  • That environmental impacts are minimised and rehabilitation is thorough and complete and offsets are appropriate.

The only way to fulfil those statements is for council to pay for full independent environmental studies.

On the same page the officer also makes the statement that:

  • Council will participate in engagement activities with project proponents, subject to the proviso that it reserves the right to oppose or advocate changes or conditions.
  • Then he goes onto say that there may be occasions where these services project and events are sponsored or co – funded by the mining proponent.

To make these statements after a project has been granted full approvals by all governing bodies is fine, but to suggest accepting any type of payment / assistance prior to approval of any mining proposal is outrageous. 

For council to vote yes on this policy will change The Toodyay shire forever, as council will merely be saying we are a mining town and we are open for business. 

Please vote NO and show your ratepayers that Toodyay is not just going to be another mining town. We are better than that.

AHMAG believe that there should be a Town planning Scheme Amendment to exclude mining in areas where there is productive farmland, remnant vegetation, bush, regrowth logged areas and that it is socially unacceptable given the close proximity to large numbers of people. Therefore a Referendum should be held in this Shire to gauge the true sentiment within all our communities.

In the words of the Officer (CEO Stan Scott) in the Agenda item 10.1 under Social implications on page 368 of the Ordinary Council Meeting held on the 27th of January 2015 he states:

  • While at this stage the proposed projects are near Morangup, most of the shire is affected by exploration leases, making it difficult to determine what constitutes an affected subdivision.        

This statement alone should give rise to the Toodyay Shire to hold a referendum on mining, as this information could be the deciding factor on whether a mine ever starts here in the first place. 

Don’t let this Policy slip through the cracks. "HAVE YOUR SAY".


Click to enlarge..

Help the Carnaby's Cockatoo and Say NO to Mining Here!!!

BAJV / BRL have earmarked a combined land area of some 62 km2 for open-cut bauxite mining and 70% of that area is productive farmland and 30%, or some 18 km2, is remnant vegetation or bush which will be destroyed forever.

This will have far-reaching effects on all flora and fauna in the proposed mine area.

The following email was received late last year and we thought we would share it with you. 

Letter From Concerned Morangup Cocky Count Volunteers

Dear AHMAG committee,

Attached is an email we received from Birdlife Australia Western Australia Group regarding Carnaby's Black Cockatoo that we thought your important group may be interested in.

My wife and I have assisted with the Great Cocky Count and have identified a roost survey site in Morangup, which is included in the Great Cocky Count report. With a total of 209 Carnabies counted on 12 May 2013, this makes the Morangup area an important feeding area for the cockys. We have Carnabies nesting on our property in Morangup and who knows how many other Carnabies are nesting in the area.

In the Morangup area we have seen Carnaby’s Black Cockatoos feed on marri (Corymbia calophylla) and pingle (Banksia squarrosa). These two plants appear to be their main food with a hakea plant species also another minor food source. Other plants may also be a food source. Large cockatoos including Carnaby’s Black Cockatoo and the Forest Red-tailed Black Cockatoo (also in the Morangup area) require large hollows in mature trees for nesting. These trees take about 150 years to develop hollows large enough for them. The two main trees these two cockatoo species would nest in in the Morangup area are Marri and Wandoo trees with Jarrah another possible tree.

The proposed bauxite mine will remove all plants including marri trees from the mine area resulting in a loss of food and possible nesting trees. The replanted marri trees (assuming they replant these important plants in the rehab areas) will take many years to provide enough fruit (honky nuts) to feed many cockatoos and at least 150 years as possible nesting trees. Red-capped Parrots and Australian Ringneck Parrots also feed on marri honky nuts. Red-capped Parrots rely heavily on marri seeds for food.

Letter From Bird Life Western Australia Sent to Volunteers

Dear 2014 volunteers,

Thank you once again for your support of BirdLife WA's Great Cocky Count, and also to those who attended the launch of the GCC report a couple of weeks back. The report was released at Underwood Avenue in Floreat on the 25th August with the local Friends of Underwood Avenue Bushland group. 

Perth’s population of the Endangered Carnaby’s Cockatoo is in collapse, with numbers falling by 15 per cent each year, according to the 2014 report, and the outlook is bleak, as vital habitat continues to be destroyed.

Urgent action is needed in order to save the species from extinction. BirdLife Australia has organised a petition to call on both the State and Federal Governments to protect critical habitat for Carnaby's Cockatoos.

But we need your help! Please SIGN (and share) our petition to support the protection of Carnaby's Cockatoos and their habitat. It is available at the link:

Thank you for your help!


Jessica Lee | Threatened Black Cockatoos Project Officer 

BSc(Hons); PGCert; PhD

BirdLife Western Australia

Peregrine House 167 Perry Lakes Drive, Floreat WA 6014

T 08 92872204

M 0428762292

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. |

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

ABN 75 149 124 774

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