FAQ #18 Jobs for locals?

If BAJV are terminated, will there still be jobs for locals with Yankuang?

We do not know the answer to that question, but given BAJV always talked about employing people who already worked and lived in the region, it meant that if and when a mine was to ever get approval then local jobs would be few and far between.

Then of course no one really knows for sure what the Free Trade Agreement with China will do to the work force of projects that are worth $150,000,000 or more.


FAQ #17 Termination of BAJV?

We have recently read that under a memorandum of understanding between Yankuang and BRL that BAJV will be terminated. What exactly will that mean?

It will mean that both the Felicitas and Fortuna resources and all tenements including the pending tenement that covers most of the Avon Valley national park, the Morangup timber reserve and the Moondyne nature reserve will all be owned by the People’s Republic of China.


FAQ #16 Can it be stopped?

Can the BAJV mine be stopped?

Yes it can be stopped.

The proposed locations of the Felicitas and Fortuna mines are much too close to the 900 people who live in the community of Morangup, as well as the residents in the Dale View estate in Wundowie and the buyers who have bought land and will be building brand new homes in the Mauravillo Estate on Golf links Rd in Wundowie. If mining were to go ahead the Mauravillo Estate would be surrounded by mining on three sides.

However the only way to make sure that these proposals do not go ahead is through people power, only then will the politicians listen, we must have a very, very loud voice.


FAQ #15 Gidge Show?

Why are BAJV going to be at the Gidgegannup Agricultural Show?

BAJV / BRL have live and pending exploration tenements in the Swan Shire and we believe that they have every intension of moving into the Swan Shire when and if they can get a mine up and running in Morangup, Wooroloo and Wundowie. This may not happen overnight, but given they have representatives on the bauxite mining community advisory group (BMCAG) from Gidgegannup, it seems pretty clear they are trying to pave the way with community consultation to dispel future opposition, because then they will be able to tell the EPA that they have already consulted with the Swan Shire via Gidgegannup representatives on the BMCAG.


FAQ #14 Pending Tenements?

Is it true that there are pending tenements over the Morangup Timber Reserve?

Yes that is true. BRL have pending tenements over the Morangup Timber Reserve and all the way along the Julimar Brook to Julimar Rd, as well as part of the Avon Valley National Park and the Moondyne Nature Reserve. If they ever get approvals to mine here they would no doubt creep into the Timber reserve around the community of Morangup and over time who knows where or what they will destroy.


FAQ #13 EPA Referral?

Why have BAJV not referred the Felicitas project to the EPA?

We can’t say for sure, but it is most likely due to the Funding Dispute between Yankuang Resources and Bauxite Resource Limited, as the JV seem to be reliant on Chinese funding for everything. From what has been released to the ASX, BRL have even stopped exploration as they rely on the synergy between Yangkuang and BRL. In other words they rely on the 70% funding input that the Chinese put into the JV.


FAQ #12 Refinery near mine?

If a mine is ever approved, will BAJV build a refinery near the mine?

Good question, we read a statement in one of the local papers that BAJV which is 70% owned by Yankuang Recourses and 30% owned by Bauxite Resource Limited (BRL) where they had said just that, but we have also read other material that says they are unable to achieve the required buffer zones to build a refinery alongside the proposed mine, so only they know their true intensions.

One thing is very clear though, BRL, are currently in a Dispute over funding with Yankuang Recourses to complete a Bankable Feasibility study (BFS) to build a refinery “somewhere” in the region and it has been mentioned, that somewhere, could be East of Northam on the Perth to Kalgoorlie rail line.

There is little doubt that a refinery alongside the mine would be the preferred option thou, as the logistic costs involved to use the services of Brookfield Rail to move bauxite to a refinery would cost many, many millions over time. Alcoa in places like Pinjarra and Wagerup both feed the refineries with conveyor belt systems, so the preferred option be to have a refinery close to the mine where conveyors could be used.


FAQ #11 Remnant Bush?

Given the combined proposed mine area is around 63 km2 and that 70% will be on productive farmland does that mean the other 30% is bush???


Yes that’s exactly what it means. In fact it equates to some 18 km2 of remnant vegetation, bush and regrowth areas that were previously logged some 30-50 years ago where Jarrah, Marri (Red Gum) and Wandoos are really starting to re-establish themselves from the effects of logging which is no longer supported in this area.


FAQ #10 Carnaby's Cockatoo?

Is it true that it can take up to 150-200 years for a Wandoo or Jarrah tree to mature enough before there will be hollows large enough for the Carnaby's Cockatoo to nest in???


Yes, That is correct. In areas that are still recovering from past logging activity we are seeing regrowth trees that are 30-40-50 years old, but it will still take another 100 years or more before they will be suitable for nesting trees. 

If these trees are cleared again for mining, it will have far-reaching effects on the declining numbers of the black cockatoos, given there will be a loss of nesting, roosting and food-source trees. The Cockatoos just love "Honky Nuts" and god forbid, but they may well become extinct in our lifetime because of it, if mining is allowed along the Darling Scarp in our lifestyle areas.


FAQ #9 Rental/property values?

Will there be an increase in rental and property values in an around the proposed mine areas of Morangup, Toodyay, Wooroloo and Wundowie???


We have spoken to a number of real estate agents who firmly believe that property prices will not increase and neither will rental values, in fact property prices will more than likely decrease by substantial amounts.

The reasons rental values will not increase are quite simple.

  • If local people were to be employed, then they already live here, so no extra demand for rentals or property.
  • If workers come from Midland, then they will simply drive in and drive out every day, so no extra demand on rentals or property.

The reasons property values will drop:

  • Uncontrollable dust clouds
  • Noise 24 hours a day 7 days per week from heavy machinery, trucks, Reverse beepers, crushing plants, conveyors, etc 
  • Collected rain water contamination from air borne dust clouds
  • Potential loss of ground water
  • Light pollution at night from lighting towers directed onto pit, work areas, crushers, etc
  • Potential loss of tourism to B&Bs
  • General loss of amenity and peace and quiet


FAQ #8 How many jobs?

BAJV say that there will be 120 full time jobs for local people. Is that true???


We do not know how many locals will gain employment from the mine if and when it does get approval, but given the mine face will be within a 25  - 35 minutes' drive from Midland, the large amount of miners that have been made redundant in the mining sector, the likelihood of Perth-based HR recruitment companies being used to find suitably qualified workers and the fact that there has now been a new trade agreement signed with China in regard to bringing in foreign workers on 457 visas, we expect that a lot of people will be disappointed by empty promises, but we will have to wait and see.


FAQ #7 How big?

We have heard that the proposed mine will be bigger than the 55 square km being spruiked by BAJV is that true???


Bauxite aluminium joint venture (BAJV) have identified around 228,000,000 tonnes of bauxite in the Felicitas Resource (Morangup) and yes from what the miner has said it is around 55 square km in size, but their joint venture partners Bauxite Resource Limited (BRL) have an adjoining resource called Fortuna, where they have identified another 42,000,000 tonnes on about 8 square km near Wundowie,  so combined the area is around 63 square km.


FAQ #6 Meet with miner?

The miner has sent Survey Sheets to everyone in Morangup and on the sheet they asked if we would like to meet with them in person. I do not wish to meet with them. What should we do?


It is common practice for miners to try to divide and conquer communities. They do this by trying to speak with as many residents as they can, with the offer of one-on-one sessions, or by meeting with groups within the community, or setting up Community Consultative Committees, or by email, local newspaper articles, Community Notice Boards, etc.

We would recommend that you tell the miner that they can address you with everyone else at a community meeting and therefore they must consult openly and honestly in a public forum. Otherwise they will tailor (special spin) a story for every individual. If you wish to meet with them by yourselves, that is of course your right, but remember: You are not alone and together we will be heard.


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