FAQ #12 Refinery near mine?

If a mine is ever approved, will BAJV build a refinery near the mine?

Good question, we read a statement in one of the local papers that BAJV which is 70% owned by Yankuang Recourses and 30% owned by Bauxite Resource Limited (BRL) where they had said just that, but we have also read other material that says they are unable to achieve the required buffer zones to build a refinery alongside the proposed mine, so only they know their true intensions.

One thing is very clear though, BRL, are currently in a Dispute over funding with Yankuang Recourses to complete a Bankable Feasibility study (BFS) to build a refinery “somewhere” in the region and it has been mentioned, that somewhere, could be East of Northam on the Perth to Kalgoorlie rail line.

There is little doubt that a refinery alongside the mine would be the preferred option thou, as the logistic costs involved to use the services of Brookfield Rail to move bauxite to a refinery would cost many, many millions over time. Alcoa in places like Pinjarra and Wagerup both feed the refineries with conveyor belt systems, so the preferred option be to have a refinery close to the mine where conveyors could be used.


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