FAQ #9 Rental/property values?

Will there be an increase in rental and property values in an around the proposed mine areas of Morangup, Toodyay, Wooroloo and Wundowie???


We have spoken to a number of real estate agents who firmly believe that property prices will not increase and neither will rental values, in fact property prices will more than likely decrease by substantial amounts.

The reasons rental values will not increase are quite simple.

  • If local people were to be employed, then they already live here, so no extra demand for rentals or property.
  • If workers come from Midland, then they will simply drive in and drive out every day, so no extra demand on rentals or property.

The reasons property values will drop:

  • Uncontrollable dust clouds
  • Noise 24 hours a day 7 days per week from heavy machinery, trucks, Reverse beepers, crushing plants, conveyors, etc 
  • Collected rain water contamination from air borne dust clouds
  • Potential loss of ground water
  • Light pollution at night from lighting towers directed onto pit, work areas, crushers, etc
  • Potential loss of tourism to B&Bs
  • General loss of amenity and peace and quiet


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