FAQ #10 Carnaby's Cockatoo?

Is it true that it can take up to 150-200 years for a Wandoo or Jarrah tree to mature enough before there will be hollows large enough for the Carnaby's Cockatoo to nest in???


Yes, That is correct. In areas that are still recovering from past logging activity we are seeing regrowth trees that are 30-40-50 years old, but it will still take another 100 years or more before they will be suitable for nesting trees. 

If these trees are cleared again for mining, it will have far-reaching effects on the declining numbers of the black cockatoos, given there will be a loss of nesting, roosting and food-source trees. The Cockatoos just love "Honky Nuts" and god forbid, but they may well become extinct in our lifetime because of it, if mining is allowed along the Darling Scarp in our lifestyle areas.


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