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Breaking News

BRL and Yangkuang Resources (BAJV) are having a dispute in relation to a Bankable Feasibility Study (BFS) to build a refinery in the region and BRL have issued a Dispute Notice to Yangkuang Resources to gain more funding. This is more proof that BRL intend to build a Refinery somewhere in our region, but are relying on the Chinese for the funding.


Wundowie Iron Festival

BAJV were there with bells on doing the fast food style campaign by running yet another competition for kids to draw parents into their tent, hoping to win them over. All the toys in the world will not change the destruction to farmland, the environment and the effects that will be felt by communities living near such an invasive mining operation.

In reality the day was wild, windy and wet, but that didn't stop hordes of people throughout the day from stopping by to sign parliamentary petitions against the proposal by BRL / BAJV to open cut strip mine bauxite within a couple of km's from the town centre of beautiful Wundowie.

AHMAG would like to thank all involved with the organisation of the Wundowie Iron Festival and encourage more exhibitors to attend next year because it was a great day, but as we all know, no one can control the weather.

The beautiful new Mauravillo Estate on Golf links Rd is likely to be impacted beyond belief if the Felicitas and the Fortuna mines get the green light, as over time they will be affected on 3 sides.

Help us help you and become actively involved to STOP these proposals before it is to late.


What a Night

The first ever AHMAG quiz night held in the Morangup Community Hall was a HUGE success. It was great to see so many likeminded people just having fun, which has helped raise much needed funds to combat the onslaught of the would be miners BAJV / BRL.

AHMAG would once again like to thank everyone who made the night a huge success:

• Extra special thanks goes to the new Quiz QUEENS Erica and Tania for donating their time and the wining table prizes. If you would like a couple of Brilliant young ladies to run your Quiz Night, contact AHMAG with your details and we will pass them onto the girls.

• A Special thanks to everyone who donated prizes and given the amount of prizes donated, it appeared that someone from nearly every table got to choose a prize.

• Thanks to the AHMAG Army who helped to organise the event, then with the setup of the Hall and again with the clean up.
We hope that everyone had lots of FUN and that we will see you all again when we organise the next one.


Another Hot Copper Thread

We just found this on Hot Copper, it was a comment made after the Today Tonight segment that went to air.

The comment was able to be said about our concerned community because Today Tonight would not allow AHMAG to muster our community together for the shoot to show their support, as we were told we were only allowed to have 15 or so people at the shoot. Today Tonight "Did not want to be seen to incite a riot" Because of that we were unable to stand together as a community and this is how we were seen by some.

We are all conditioned by governments and politicians that Communities, Environmental groups and the like need to work with the mining proponents to get better outcomes, both for the communities and the Environment where mining is proposed.

This may well be the case when talking about mining in the Pilbara on pastoral leases and Crown land, but we are HERE in Morangup where we have 900 residents some within a few hundred meters of the proposed mine. Then there are the people who live in Wooroloo and Wundowie and the buyers in the new Mauravillo Estate on Golf inks Rd, we all sit in the Darling Scarp along Perth's Hills and we must work against BAJV and BRL not with them, as this proposal is both Environmentally and Socially irresponsible.

Imagine the impact we could have if we all band together to have many loud voices against mining HERE. The best way to protect what we have is to "STOP" the mines not accept them with conditions. If you value the Perth Hills and the Avon Valley and do not wish to see mining companies moving across our landscape like a cancer, then "SAY SOMETHING", support AHMAG before it is too late. Like us or hate us, we have no other agenda other than the protection of our drinking water, our ground water, our way of life the environment, our property values and everything else that we all moved here for.

"It is not one thing it is everything".

We can say NO to Bauxite Mining, all we have to do is speak !!!.


See the discussion on Hot Copper..


Some people are wise beyond belief

AHMAG Quiz Night

Can't get 6 people together to BOOK a full table? No problem, just phone Diana on 0439 398 788 and she will fit you in on a table where you can make some new friends! "So don't miss out on the fun."

16th of May at the Morangup Community Hall, which is situated at 3 Wallaby Way, Morangup.

We hope to see you there!


Perth Garden Festival

The AHMAG army have been extremely busy over the past 4 days with a stand at the Perth Garden Festival held at Maccallum Park in Victoria Park. The festival started on the 30th of April and finished today being the 3rd of May and unfortunately we were unable to attend the Moondyne Festival today, because of that commitment.

We did however manage to obtain HUNDREDS of signed petitions over the 4 days. We would like to thank all involved for their hard work creating awareness about BAJV's / BRL's plans to open-cut strip-mine in the Perth Hills and the Avon Valley.
Our efforts continue to pay off as people from all over Perth and beyond are OUTRAGED that the Hills, which are regarded by many as the lungs of Perth and the Avon Valley are in the crosshairs of an exploration company who would like to be miners.

Well done AHMAG Army.

Hot Copper

To everyone who has liked our Facebook page and believe that an open cut bauxite mine does not belong in the Avon Valley and Perth Hills, read the comments on the following link about what is being said on the Hot Copper website.

Hot Copper is a forum that shows ASX stocks and enables investors who hold shares in different companies to comment on the stocks that they hold where they try to muster support from other shareholders to keep share prices up.

Bauxite Resource Limited (BRL) are the JV partner of BAJV and are listed on the stock exchange and are known as BAU. On this shared page it is mentioned by an investor known as mackyinoz that BAJV are locked in a "PR battle with a small bunch of disgruntled locals" and he has sent out the call for everyone to like BAJV on Facebook.

You can show your support for us by getting your family, your friends and anyone you know to like the Avon and Hills Mining Awareness Group to help us fight this David and Goliath Battle against a 70% Chinese State owned company, from not only destroying Morangup where we live, but the Perth Hills and the Avon Valley.

AHMAG Facebook page..

"With your SUPPORT together we will be HEARD"


See discussion at Hot Copper..

This is More Proof Mining Companies Can Be Stopped

Ever heard of a little place called Felton? The residents took on a mining company and won. This video was on Landline and is a MUST see video. Not quite the same mining proposal, but there are some alarming similarities with the proposal to open-cut mine, which would have destroyed farmland, along with the destruction of the environment, destruction of water courses, negative social impacts, the loss in value to adjoining properties and many other issues.

We must stand together against BAJV / BRL

"Together we will be Heard"


Watch video..

Friends of Felton

Residents of the tiny town of Felton took on a big mining company - and won. Now they've channeled their energy into promoting the town.


Just a Reminder

This shared post is just a REMINDER that if enough people stand together against mining companies, governments will listen.!!!

If you have been sitting on the fence in relation to Bauxite Alumina Joint Ventures plans to strip-mine bauxite in the Perth Hills and the Avon Valley, stand with us now and help stop the foreign invaders from destroying the very reason we all moved here in the first place.

  • The peace and quiet of country life
  • Our beautiful clean air
  • Stunning dark night skies where we can all admire the stars without light pollution
  • The trees and bush
  • All of the birds and animals
  • Unpolluted drinking water
  • Magnificent scenery
  • Solid property values

Open cut bauxite mining HERE will jeopardise everything we all love. Stand with us now and Remember: "You are not alone, together we will be heard".


It's time to celebrate! Coal seam gas (CSG) permits at the sacred mountain Nguddaboolgan in North Qld have been CANCELLED! A huge congratulations to the Djungan. See Lock The Gate Alliance website..

Pigmy Possum

We have been told that this little guy and his family live in the 500 acres of bush at the end of Jingaling Brook Rd in Morangup. The bush has been earmaked for total destruction if BAJV, which is a 70% State owned company from the Peoples Republic of China, get the green light to mine here.

There will be many trees, plants and animals that will be displaced and KILLED if this invasive form of mining is allowed here.

Say NO to bauxite mining HERE and Together we will be Heard...

This is a whole new low even for BAJV!

Why would any professional organization advertise so called local jobs for a proposed project that is estimated to start employing workers in some 3 or so years and has only a slim chance, if any, of getting off the ground, given the enormous social and environmental impacts it will have in the area where the mine is proposed?

Because they are trying to get your support for their disgusting invasive mining operation.

Don't be fooled. This type of behavior will only exasperate the stress of an unemployed FIFO / DIDO worker with the hope of a job that may be no more than a pipe dream.


Thanks to Toodyay councillors and CEO for coming to Morangup

AHMAG would like to thank the attending Councillors and the CEO for the informal meeting at the Morangup Community Hall on Saturday the 18th of April.

The CEO had the floor for most of the 2-hour session and the mining policy M.6 was first up for discussion. Apparently there were some 22 submissions submitted in relation the M.6 policy and according to the CEO the policy will be amended prior to being accepted.

The question was asked as to whether or not the proposed policy would be put out for public comment again before it was approved and the CEO could not give an definitive answer, so who knows what council will do.

Given the policy basically gives council blanket approval to pretty much do whatever it wants when it comes to dealing with any mining proponents, including participation on Community Advisory Groups, not only with BAJV, but also any other would-be mining company that comes to town. AHMAG still hold firm on the belief that a mining policy should not be implemented in our Shire, AS COUNCIL CAN NEITHER APPROVE NOR REJECT A MINING PROPOSAL and therefore one is not needed here.

This policy will merely enable the Council to further consult with mining proponents without any consultation with rate payers and without fear of their intentions being questioned, as they will merely say that the M.6 Policy was adopted to allow consultation with present (BAJV and BRL) and future mining proponents, this is a complete conflict of interest prior to a mine being approved by the relevant authorities.

The CEO made the statement that BAJV do not have to do a social impact study, but the mining policy can make it a condition, “but they still don’t have to comply”.

Just to clarify even with the new proposed mining policy, the proponent does not have to do a social impact study or comply with any other condition that council may impose on them. And given council can neither approve or reject a mining application, then one is not needed, as it merely enables closed-door dialog which has occurred in the past. Only the next time it will be OK because a mining policy is in place.

When asked why the Council will not do a referendum on mining the CEO said that even if one was done, people change their minds and therefore it would of be no use. It was mentioned that the Shire had undertaken a previous referendum on a swimming pool in Toodyay. It is however incomprehensible to think that a referendum could be undertaken in relation to a swimming pool, but when it comes to a mining proposal that can harm the very existence of Toodyay’s tourism industry, the reputation of one of the Avon Valleys jewels (Toodyay), the lifestyle of many of Morangup residents and the property values of so many properties just to name a few of the issues, yet council refuse to hold one on mining!!!.
If it can be shown by a referendum that the majority of the rate payers in the Toodyay Shire do not wont Bauxite Mining Here, then that would send a very clear message, not only to our local Government, but also the EPA and the State Government. That just maybe the tipping point as to whether or not a mine ever gets the go-ahead in the first place.

The CEO also said the proposed mining policy would help mitigate any impacts to the community. When asked how the mining policy was going to alleviate our previous, existing and future concerns - i.e. Dust, 24/7 Noise, Rain water contamination, Light pollution, Property losses, etc, etc,  the CEO could not answer, but at one point said that a flashing light could replace reverse beepers.
That sounded like a sales pitch from someone who is not neutral on mining.

Of course other items concerning Morangup residents were discussed, but this is merely a report on mining issues.

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