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Vote in the Council Elections

“Council Requires Good Governance”

October 17th 2015 will see candidates from different wards within all shires throughout WA facing their constituents with the hope of becoming a councillor.
Some councillors will be up for re – election while some new faces will challenge in the hope they can help mold the Shire into what they feel will be better for the communities in which they will serve.

The 2015 Toodyay Elections will see a total of 12 candidates vying for 5 seats. One seat in each of the Central, North and East Wards, while the West Ward because it is a bigger area will be contesting two seats.

The candidates that we believe will represent the Toodyay shire with integrity, vision and in an open, honest, and transparent manner are as follows:

Andrew McCann – Up for re - election

Rosemary Madacsi – Up for re - election

Chris Firns – Up for re - election

Danielle Wrench - New Candidate
Sally Craddock – Up for re - election

All candidates are worthy of the challenges that we all face within our communities and have pledged to view all proposed developments within the Toodyay Shire with open minds on  social, environmental, tourism and long term merits and issues of each and every proposal that comes before them as a councillor.

We wish all of the candidates well with their campaigns.



Have you ever visited the Avon Valley National Park?

The Avon Valley National Park
The Morangup Timber Reserve
The Morangup Nature Reserve

Have you ever visited the Avon Valley National Park?

It is another one of those wonders that very few people actually realize is on the door step of the metro area right here in the Perth Hills. The community of Morangup know exactly where it is, as it is literally on the doorstep of their own community adjoining the Morangup Timber Reserve.

The Avon River, which is named Golguler by the Darling Range Nyoongar people, runs through the center of the Avon Valley National Park as it rushes downstream through the high rocky hills and outcrops to join the Swan River in the Walyunga National Park near Bells rapids and Brigadoon.

The Avon Valley National Park, the Timber and Nature Reserves are all cherished neighbours of the close knit community of Morangup and these Parks and reserves are home to many different species of Flora and Fauna.

To the horror of most locals there is a new neighbour wanting to move in next door “BAJV / BRL and Mining” many believe these companies and mining will be the neighbour's from Hell and will bring with them all of the negative effects that full blown open cut bauxite mining has on local communities and the environment.

Did you know that under the mining Act, Timber and Nature reserves have no real protection from mining and even National Parks can be mined, it just takes longer to get approvals?

Imagine if the Felicitas mine is approved and in 10 or 15 years’ or maybe even less, the proposed miners move the operations into the Morangup Timber Reserve. The Morangup community would have mining on 3 sides, being the West, North and already proposed Eastern side of the community.
Some believe that open cut bauxite mining is nothing more than a big gravel pit and that the effects will be minimal, but most understand that mining here is a massive threat not only to our community, but to the environment itself.

Any approvals to mine alongside these reserves and the local communities will only see:

  • 24/7 noise from Heavy machinery including surface miners, dump trucks, dozers, excavators etc.

  • 24/7 noise from reverse beepers.

  • 24/7 noise from crushing plants.

  • 24/7 noise from a 20 km conveyor feeding the crushing plant.

  • Blasting.

  • Dust clouds from the mining operation.

  • Contaminated rain water from dust containing Silica and other harmful substances (Reticulated scheme water is not available in Morangup)

  • Losses to ground water which will be used for dust suppression.

  • Destruction of native vegetation and bush land.

  • Over time trees near mine pits will die from the lack of ground. water and moisture.

  • There will be Changes to the way in which water flows into creeks, rivers and ground water recharges.

  • Destruction of farmland when top soil is removed and the bauxite ripped out all the way down to the clay bed.

  • Losses to tourism along the tourist route.

  • Losses of jobs in tourism and other sectors.

  • Losses of jobs in organic farms due to crop contamination from dust etc.

  • Light pollution, which will destroy our beautiful dark night skies.

  • Desolation of plant and animal species.

  • Losses to property values.

How exactly does mining fit in to this location, or into the lifestyles of the Communities of Morangup, Wundowie or Wooroloo who all call this beautiful area home?

Don't forget to like us on Facebook and ask your family and friends to do the same, we have nearly hit 1,000 unpaid likes so your help to get there would be much appreciated.


Click the image below to view or download a larger PDF version.

IMPORTANT.....Information From AHMAG...

Council Elections Are Here !!!

Vote on Saturday the 17th of OCTOBER 2015

Did you know that most rate payers do not vote in Local Government Elections and candidates often get in unopposed?


Do you live in or near Morangup (Toodyay Shire), Wooroloo (Mundaring Shire) or Wundowie (Northam Shire)???

What do your current councilors and new candidates think about open cut bauxite and other forms of invasive mining???

Do they Oppose mining???

Do they Support mining???

Do they have a neutral stance on mining???

Local Councils can have a say, but we need to make sure they do!.

Generally councils party line, so to speak, is to have a neutral stance on mining, as mines are approved and regulated at a State and Federal Government level and not a local one. However under clause 120 of the mining act, your council has the opportunity to speak out on behalf of their constituents. They can say whether or not mining is a suitable use in a proposed location. What will your council do?

ASK your current Councilors for a YES or NO view on mining!

ASK your new candidates for a YES or NO view on mining!

WE must have councilors who are not afraid to stand up to be counted, as a NEUTRAL view point on mining is as good as a YES.

If your councilors do not have the gumption to speak out about important issues, then within a short space of time your shire, the Perth Hills and the Avon Valley will be destroyed by mining forever.

Only you can make changes in your council. So put all of your candidates under a Magnifying Glass and ASK them the hard questions. Insist on a straight YES or NO answer on bauxite mining and any other issues you may have.

Only then will you get to the TRUTH about what decisions will be made on your behalf behind closed doors.

Please remember to VOTE on Saturday the 17th of October 2015.


Response To a Recent Post on the BAJV FB page

Local Jobs or Locals Snubbed

Firstly the term “locals” is being used quite loosely, as most people who live in the Toodyay shire would class themselves as locals, while people who live in another shire would not be viewed as being locals to Toodyay.

Some "local" Toodyay Shire Residents will be hoping to score a job if a mine ever eventuates, but they will have to compete with “locals” from other areas such as Wundowie, Gidgegannup, Northam, Wooroloo, Bakers Hill, Chittering, Parkerville, Mundaring and surrounds.

That’s without the DIDO jobs from the city.

BAJV state that there are no current skills shortage and that the majority of jobs will be filled by “locals”. Locals to where exactly? How many jobs will be given to Toodyay locals?

It is noted that the BAJV Facebook campaign has been very successful attracting interest from many unemployed mine workers from everywhere who are all “locals” to where they live, even if it is on the East coast of Australia. This has taken Facebook likes from 129 to 1,312 in just a few months.

How many of the people who have liked BAJV’s page in the hope of a job will get employment if and when a mine ever gets approved? How many Jobs are on offer again?

Then there are the 457 Visas. BAJV state that in the current labour market we don’t see any benefit in 457 Visas, but falls short of saying they will not use them. Infact the statement goes onto say that there could be some technical or management exchange with Yankuang.

So it could be said that the 457 door is already open.

The FTA is very open to interpretation and the link below will place even more balance on it.

Opalvale Tip Fight Continues

An Update From Rosemary Madacsi


My apology to everyone for not maintaining my commitment to keeping the community informed. Unfortunately a heavy work load, Opalvale, Moondyne and life in general conspired to absorb my time since February. The short brief of Opalvale is to bring everyone up to date who may not have read the Toodyay Herald.

OPALVALE – (we are not dead yet!)
• In February 2015 the Opalvale proponents appealed to the State Administrative Tribunal (SAT) for an extension of their planning deadline (27 February 2015), in order to amend and submit a revised works application to the Department Environment Regulation (DER). DER had issued a ‘intent to refuse’ (their application) in the December due to the environmental issues raised by the community. SAT asked Council’s position on the extension and following advice the extension was granted.

• The Opalvale proponents then applied to Council for an extension of this planning approval deadline. Council unanimously refused the extension at the July Ordinary Council Meeting.

• The Opalvale proponents then appealed again to the SAT on the 17 August against Council’s decision to refuse their extension. Before a hearing was undertaken at SAT, the DER issued Opalvale’s work approval subject to conditions, 27 August (their planning approval deadline).

Note: this is not an approval to have the landfill but to engage in the construction of the first stage with the proviso that conditions set by the DER are met. A works approval is to meet the environmental factors, planning approval is still required. Planning approval is dependent on the conditions set by SAT and the issuing of the works approval. If either of these are not met, the planning approval ends. If DER is not satisfied the works approval conditions have been met, they can refuse to issue a license and the landfill cannot progress.

The conditions set by DER largely reflect community concerns and are generally quite strict. However some of the major water concerns raised by the community and acknowledged by the DER and Golder Associates, have not been covered.

• The core group met yesterday and will again next Saturday to finalise a community appeal – I will give you an up-date next Saturday of the core issues to appeal for.

• We as a community can only appeal the conditions of the works approval (as a third party). The aim is to ensure the conditions are as rigid as possible to protect against ‘failure’ and environmental contamination. We are however investigating other options.

• We recommend anyone contemplating an appeal, download the conditions from the DER ‘licensing’ website and compare these against the SAT orders (planning).

AHMAG Have been strong opponents of the proposed OPALVALE tip and will continue to HELP where we can and that is why this post is on the AHMAG FB page.

If you are contemplating an appeal yourself and would like a copy of the SAT orders, please let us know HERE and Rosemary with forward a copy to you.


Reality Check … Reality Check … Reality Check …

“Community Members Should Boycott the BMCAG”

The Bauxite mining community advisory group (BMCAG) is set up to aid BAJV / BRL to eliminate community concerns and to speed up the process in regard to their EPA / DER referrals.

Members need to remember the following points:

Members were chosen by BAJV / BRL to help calm the community in order for the proponents to tick the EPA / DER boxes as part of the approval process.

Members are being asked to give feedback and personal input into the design and operation of the mine to assist them, NOT us.

Members may all have the very best of intensions in mind, but by working with BAJV / BRL in any form they are accepting a mine with conditions on behalf of the whole community and they have NO right to do so, as most of the community does not won’t a mine HERE under any circumstances.

Members will never be told any information that will harm BAJV / BRL in anyway, as the meetings are run by BAJV / BRL and chaired by their paid employee.

Members do not represent the majority of the community, as members were chosen by BAJV / BRL and therefore the BMCAG is not recognized by the majority of the community.

Members are now playing a much bigger role in the BAJV / BRL propaganda machine as they have allowed you to choose the new BMCAG members from Morangup and now it appears that the group is in control, BUT THEY ARE NOT, members are merely being used as puppets by the proponents.

This is a Quote from Bill Moss GM of BAJV.

With both companies working together the synergies generated would improve outcomes for the companies and the community. The BMCAG will help reduce any confusion and help facilitate better feedback into the design and operations of both projects.

Members are merely being used as puppets and BAJV and BRL are the puppet masters.

"We Need To Work Against The Proponents, Not With Them"


State Election March 2017

Opal Vale Tip Gets Approval at the 11th Hour

Who would have ever thought that a proposal to dump Perth’s rubbish in an old clay pit on Salt valley Rd on the Perth side of Toodyay would ever be approved, but that is exactly what happened on Thursday the 27th of August 2015.

Opal Vale was always a disgusting proposal which has ended with a very disappointing outcome not only because of the potential threat to the environment and neighbouring properties, but for the many locals who travel Toodyay Road to and from work every day and will now have to contend with another 300 truck movements a day on one of the worst roads in WA.

The battle for Opal Vale is lost, but mining is still our biggest threat. The environmental issues of Opal Vale remain, but the foot print of the site is relatively small compared to proposals by BAJV / BRL, which will creep across the country side like a cancer destroying everything in its path for a minimum of 25 years and may well bring a refinery with it, somewhere in our region.

The war continues so let’s lick our wounds, pick ourselves up and learn from what has happened, we need to lobby our politicians, we need to march on Parliament House. How many of us will be prepared to attend rallies to make our politicians and council sit up, listen and take notice, because that is what is needed.

People power and numbers is the only thing that will make our pollies listen. Communities have fought and won in other parts of WA and Australia and we can win HERE, because it is both socially and environmentally irresponsible to propose mining alongside 900 residents.

We must not give BAJV / BRL a social license to operate here, that means boycotting the BAJV / BRL bauxite mining community advisory group (BMCAG) and everything it stands for.
There is a State Election Looming in March 2017 and now is the time for our community to come together and fight like hell against the proposals to mine alongside our properties in Morangup, the new Mauravillo Estate and the affected residents in Wundowie, Wooroloo and beyond.

Given approvals are granted by the State Government we need to unite as a community to fight against mining HERE, where we all collect our own rain water and draw water from shallow bores.

Very few people in our community want 24/7 mining with dust, noise, light pollution, loss of amenity, property value losses and the environmental and social issues it will bring.

“Together We Will Be Impossible To Ignore”


Toodyay Council Could Learn From This Story

After supporting mining at Red bank in Queensland since 1843 the Ipswich council now believe MINING is no longer appropriate.

They are not trying to close existing mines, but no longer support new mines or the expansion of existing ones and believe any new mines would be totally inappropriate there.

Click on the link below and read the full story

The Toodyay Council need to show some real leadership and support the 900 residents in Morangup who will be most affected by the proposals to open cut mine bauxite for a minimum of 25 years.

We all know that mining here would be totally inappropriate and council need to wake up, come to their senses and support our community against the proposals to mine HERE.

Don't let council sell OUR soles for the promise of a Rec Centre and a Swimming pool from the Chinese.  

Council Elections:

Remember there are council elections just around the corner in October 2015, so if you live in the shires of Toodyay, Mundaring or Northam and you want YOUR council to oppose plans to mine HERE, make sure you know where the candidates sit on the mining issue before you vote for them. If they give you the, "I’m remaining neutral line", then vote for someone who is not afraid to stand up to and be counted. If you can’t find someone in your ward who believes that mining should not happen here, then consider running yourself, or try to convince someone you know to run.

Local Councils Can Have a Say, but we need to make sure they do.


Local Jobs or Locals Snubbed

On the 25th of August, WA unions rallied outside State Parliament over the Chinese free trade deal.
TRAFFIC outside the West Australian parliament was brought to a standstill as unions held a rally against the free trade deal with China, saying it will be bad for local jobs and exploit foreign workers.

Unions including the CFMEU, Unions WA and Electrical Trades Union were joined by Perth MP Alannah MacTiernan at Solidarity Park opposite the WA parliament for a midday protest on Tuesday.

The CFMEU says Chinese companies will be able to bring in an entire overseas workforce for projects worth more than $150 million in which they have a minimum 15 per cent stake, while Ms MacTiernan says there’ll be no market testing to see if sufficient local labour is available.

This may or may not be the case when and if BAJV get approvals to mine in the Shires of Toodyay, Mundaring and Northam, but given a Chinese company only has to hold a 15% stake to bring in workers and BAJV hold 70%, "Things do not look good"

Locals who currently support BAJV because of the promise of jobs may end up being snubbed. It may well be time to reevaluate whether Toodyay's good name is worth the compromise for a foreign workforce, who will put nothing back into the Toodyay economy. While Toodyay becomes known as the mining mecca of the Avon Valley.


STOP the laws that will make protest illegal in WA

While the nation is focused on Canberra, shocking new laws to criminalize peaceful protest are being debated in our State Parliament right now.

Take powerful action today to protect our rights and our democracy here in WA.

Australians have a long and proud history of peaceful demonstration and protest which has been instrumental in securing many of the protections and rights we now take for granted.

The protection of the places we love, from our ancient forests in the South West to Ningaloo Reef and James Price Point in the North. And the right to vote, to a fair wage and to a fair price for farm produce.

None of these things would have been achieved without citizens engaging in peaceful protest.

But that’s all about to change with the Barnett Government’s Criminal Code Amendment (Prevention of Lawful Activity) Bill which is being debated right now in our State Parliament.

If passed, this legislation would not only criminalize peaceful protest, but would remove the presumption of innocence for citizens engaging in peaceful protest activities.

Send a powerful message to your local Member of Parliament asking them to vote against these bad laws in Parliament.
If passed, the Prevention of Lawful Activity Bill would make it a criminal act for a farmer to lock the gate against gas fracking, for a Traditional Owner to defend Aboriginal heritage, or for a conservationist to protest the destruction of our natural environment.

This is legislation that you would expect in a totalitarian state, not a democracy.

Citizens exercising their rights to peaceful protest should never be presumed to have criminal intent in any democratic society.
Right now Governments across Australia are attempting to silence community groups and shut down dissenting voices.

We won’t stand for it at CCWA, but at this critical time your voice is needed to defend the voices of many.

If you want to learn more about the issues with these laws and find out how you can take further action, come along to:
Protest Law Briefing
Monday 21 September from 5.30-7pm
City West Lotteries House
Speakers from UnionsWA, Community Legal Centres and the Uniting Church. RSVP now.

For the environment,
Piers Verstegen and the team at CCWA

P.S. Whether you have ever been personally involved in protest action or not, the right to protest and the presumption of innocence are critical elements in our democracy that we cannot afford to lose.

Please take a moment to contact your local MP asking them to reject these laws or RSVP to our Protest Law Briefing on Monday.

This issue is too important to Ignore as you never know when YOU could be affected by a proposed Rubbish Tip, Open cut bauxite mine, Fracking or any other unacceptable proposal. Image if your right to protest was taken away.

Click the link below to find out how:

Please note, if you live in the Toodyay Shire the post code for your local member is 6566 and for your email to go through you must make changes to personalize your message.


Mundaring Shire Covered In Mining Tenements

According to the Environmental Advisory Committee that reports to the Mundaring Shire, Bauxite alumina joint ventures (BAJV) met with the Shire in 2013 and have recognized the Shire as a key stake holder in their plans to mine bauxite in the Felicitas resource.

Did you know that most of the shire of Mundaring is covered in MINING tenements either for Bauxite or Gold?.

With this in mind and given one of the AHMAG committee members lives in Darlington, we recently held a community meeting in the Darlington Hall.

We are happy to announce that AHMAG were met by some extremely enthusiastic residents totally opposed to mining in the Perth Hills and they have vowed their support

The crowd were asked to give a show of hands as to who was opposed to mining in the Perth Hills and Avon Valley and a picture paints a thousand words.

AHMAG are continuing to create awareness and opposition to the BAJV / BRL plans to mine here and are growing ever stronger, soon

"We Will Be Impossible To Ignore"

Like us on Facebook to show your support and ask your family and friends to do the same.



How much of our precious fresh water will be used to suppress dust if and when BAJV / BRL get approval to mine here in Morangup Wooroloo and Wundowie.

Companies like Alcoa in Pinjarra are seen to have some of the worlds best practices and completely cover the conveyers to minimize noise and dust while the conveyor transports bauxite ore from the Huntley mine to the Pinjarra refinery.

The picture below was taken 4 weeks ago after 2 days of rain. This is just an example of what we have to look forward to and the noise was unbelievable.

The dust still escapes, so how much water will be used on an open cut mine HERE on one of our 35 - 45 degree days with a strong easterly behind it??? no one knows yet.

When we stop the mines, no one ever will!


Opposed to Bauxite Mining in the Perth Hills

Then Don't Miss The Darlington Meeting

Saturday 22nd August 2015, 3 - 5pm. See you there.

Petition Presented

AHMAG would like to thank everyone who ventured into Parliament House today for the Presentation of over 3,600 signatures to Greens MLC Robin Chapple.

The AHMAG Army have worked tirelessly to collect the huge number of signatures and every signature has been treated like GOLD. Thanks to each and every person who has signed the petition. 

We would like to say a special thank you to Clair Medhurst from R4RM who previously went to war with BAJV / BRL in Bindoon, along with Vince Puccio and John from the CAPS group in Yarloop for travelling to Parliament House today in support of AHMAG for the occasion.

Thanks also to Peter Robinson from the Wilderness Society, you guys do such a great job.

The AHMAG army have been fighting in the trenches now for just on 12 months, but we know our fight has only just begun.

With your support we CAN and WILL drive BAJV / BRL out of the Darling Scarp, the Perth Hills and Avon Valley.

If you have not yet signed the petition we still have time to collect more signatures which can be added to the current petition.

So email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and one of the AHMAG Army will organize a time to meet with you.

"Together We Are Being Heard"


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